Breakfast Rum Club

A multi-layered, dark comedy, Breakfast Rum Club is the final, quirky chapter in the Ezekiel series. With the U.S. in a constitutional crisis and on the precipice of a second civil war, Zeke and his wife relocate to San Pedro, Belize. A group of local drunks, dubbed the “Breakfast Rum Club”, guide Zeke in his final journey of self-discovery. The BRC live in the beachfront cemetery and possess remarkable gifts that help steer Zeke through a series of humorous missteps while enlightening him on his bizarre past.

Caution: This is a politically incorrect story chock full of heretical ideas (including personal responsibility) and unlikely conspirators and is not for snowflakes in need of safe places to avoid exposure to alternative concepts. The salty characters curse a lot and egads…the author writes from a conservative perspective

Zeke discovers his DNA is unique and highly-valued by his keepers and enemies alike. His long-term ethereal friend, Hobo, joins him and, with the help of the BRC, keeps him safe until they can secure the stolen key to transport Zeke’s designer DNA back to their home. An unlikely group of conspirators, a Mexican drug cartel, a black militant organization, and a mysterious wealthy American join forces to disrupt world order while they search for and eliminate Zeke. As the BRC fight to secure the key, they must race against a possible extinction event. Just a normal day in the neighborhood.

A quirky, dystopian, creation story full of bizarre characters and exotic Caribbean settings that will keep you in stiches up to the very end.