Dark, Comic Novel Offers Conservative Readers anAmusing Mix of Religion, Politics, Mythology, and the Paranormal

Author D. Malone McMillan has announced the release of his first book; a comedic work of fiction entitled, Ezekiel, A Novel.With rave reviews, the humorous work of fiction is sure to be recognized as one of the top fiction book releases of 2014.

A mix of ancient mythology and humorous political fiction, Ezekiel, blends conservative political notions with fictional accounts of hilarious characters and circumstances––a plot that is at its core underscored with the burning questions of existence and humanity.

Ancient Mythology & Dark Comedy Blend to Make Ezekiel an Exceptional Read and a Top Work of Humorous Fiction

Readers and critics from across the nation–anywhere from New York, to Atlanta, Naples, and Miami–have responded with praise for Ezekiel, calling the novel, "smart and witty," "a gripping page-turner," and a "great, easy read that will make you laugh out loud and keep you wanting to know what happens next."

McMillan's book follows his main character, Zeke, a functioning alcoholic that has been plagued by strange visions since boyhood, through the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida, to Amsterdam, Positano, Pisa, Pompeii––and ultimately to Florence, Italy as he takes on an investigation into a perceived conspiracy. Zeke is joined by quirky-but-loveable, exceptionally well-developed characters that–as one reader puts it–"are both endearing and flawed."

The events that unfold in Ezekielinclude many memorable, hilarious and unusual characters in unlikely but enlightening scenarios.  During the rag-tag group's investigation into the conspiracy (believed to be set forth to influence a U.S. presidential election), a more threatening scenario is unearthed, involving a radical Islamic organization and a sinister plot to inflict damage that may inadvertently be of an apocalyptic scale.

The unusual and alluring events and characters in Ezekiel blend to make a riveting work of fiction, a dark comic novel that ultimately leads to the questioning of humanity's existence, our ultimate purpose, and our relationship with God.

Fans of fiction novels, ancient mythology and dark comedy novels will delight in this comical account of unusual but thought-provoking circumstances. Lovers of conservative fiction will laugh and read on with fervor and delight as McMillan poignantly touches on the political climate of today with timeless questions of a fiscal and philosophical nature––all packaged with humor and intelligence in this quick and engaging read.

Purchase Ezekiel on Amazon today and see what all the buzz is about! You won't want to put this work of comedic fiction down until you've hit the back cover, guaranteed.