A Dark Comic Novel of the Ages: Ezekiel by D Malone McMillan

So, you're into dark comic novels – How about a dark comic novel that will leave you smirking and laughing, all the while contemplating your very existence at the exact same time? D Malone McMillan's book, Ezekiel will do just that and the dark comic work of fiction has that and so much more to offer readers that love a good, dark, funny read.

Ezekiel is described as, "foremost a dark comedy novel ...a unique and quirky blend of conservative fiscal politics, religion, mythology, and the paranormal." To make this dark comic novel even more intriguing, one source describes exactly what kind of compelling, hybrid, literary Frankenstein readers will confront upon reading Ezekiel:

"If Carl Hiaasen, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Dan Brown’s books managed to have an illicit affair amongst the lonely stacks and their collective DNA produced a literary offspring.  Ezekiel would be that handsome love child."

Dark comedy at its finest emerges as the strange but loveable characters and plotlines in McMillan's book unfold. Travel across the world and witness an investigation into a fictional government conspiracy as you laugh, cry and think deeply along with the bizarre and compelling group of characters the author richly portrays.

Reviews of Ezekiel are coming in from all across the Country, including New York, Atlanta, Naples and Miami, and they all rave of the dark comic novel, calling it "smart and witty," "a gripping page turner," "a great, easy read that will make you laugh out loud and keep you wondering what happens next," and the usual sentiment: " Made me laugh and ponder the meaning of life at the same time."

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