Where to Find Dark Comedy Fiction Books in Atlanta, GA

Bookshelves in Atlanta, GA are lined with every conceivable fiction book you can imagine. Many are easy to read and cover one or maybe two genres at most. But if you're interested in reading a truly engaging and fascinating conservative dark comedy fiction book based on ancient mythology that will make you think then you will want to read Ezekiel, by D. Malone McMillan.

This conservative, dark comedy fiction book is about the epic journey of Zeke and his crazy bunch of characters as they travel from the beaches of Jacksonville to Florence, Italy while visiting the ancient cities of Amsterdam, Pisa and Pompeii along the way. The story is told in a dark humorous sort of way from a no holds barred conservative point of view. So unless you want to annoy your more liberal friends for bringing a bottle of cheap wine to your dinner party, the fiction book will be most appreciated by the decidedly steadfast conservative.

Many people living in Atlanta, GA who have read other conservative and dark comedy fiction books have thoroughly enjoyed reading Ezekiel from cover to cover. They couldn’t help but fall in love with Zeke and his crazy friends Hobo, Rose and Ruth. The book made them laugh and ponder the meaning of life.

The story is told by author D. Malone McMillan who hails from South Georgia and is the grandson of a poor sharecropper. McMillian went through the corporate world working his way up the ladder to being a successful senior executive at a Fortune 50 telecommunications firm. He enjoys fishing, snorkeling, reading and eating Jalapeno CheetosĀ®, and apparently writing too. This is his first book. After reading the book his sister told him “mom’s going to wash your mouth out.”Ā  McMillan currently resides with his wife and dog in Jacksonville Beach.

So if you like dark comedy and are intrigued by ancient mythology and are looking for an engaging conservative fiction book to read in Atlanta, GA tonight, then click here to purchase the book online.